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World Natural Hair Show 2017 Recap

June 16, 2017

World Natural Hair Show 2017 Recap

The World Natural Hair Show, 2017, hosted by Taliah Waajid was beyond amazing with a huge turnout. The room was filled with beautiful people, notable African clothing, and exceptional hair pieces from creative vendors. Product Junkie Naturals is a brand that stuck out to me in particular. First of all, the brand name is amazing. Why not appeal to the product junkies of the world?

The brand is owned and created by Denise Gathings. What makes her brand so alluring to me is the fact that she does not use coconut oil in her hair products. While coconut oil may be popular in the natural hair community, it can sometimes be drying to the scalp and hair strands of some of us naturals. I do know that I do not need any dryness taking over my fro. 

The “Boss Edge Control” is the BOMB!  There were so many ladies running back to the Product Junkie Naturals booth with a fist full of dollars. Denise’s “try it before you buy it” motto allowed the ladies to smooth edge control onto their edges, walk around the event all day, then come back boasting about the “Boss Edge Control.” Honey, Denise’s edge control showed those edges who was boss. My personal favorite is the “Rosemary-Matcha Green Tea Deep Conditioner.” I used the deep conditioner and my hair screamed to the natural hair gods. First of all, my hair was soft, the curls were shining, bouncy, and moisturized. I was beyond amazed and instantly fell in love. My hair loves the "Creamy Whipped Flaxseed Gel" as well. Two-strand twists, braids, and wash and go's of mine have been executed wonderfully by this fantastic flaxseed gel. Usually, flaxseed gels have that infamous gelatinous texture that leaves behind residue, but this one is a prized flaxseed gel in my eyes.

Hair care is not all Denise focuses  on though. She has created amazing all natural soap bars such as, "Cocky Fresh" and "Va Jay Jay." Ladies, these bars are amazing. they are formulated for the health of our most sensitive parts. Who does not desire all natural care for their mini me?

All I can say is: you better start stocking your shelves with Product Junkie Naturals products because once everyone discovers these luxuriously artful products, you do not want to be one to miss out.

Just about finished setting up, before the crowd comes in.Our soaps sold much better than I expected!


Helping a customer choose someproducts.

Hubby had to get in on operation persuasion. Lol! He is always promoting his favorite soap.

Koils By Nature & The Trendy Socialite was in the house! Always a pleasure to be in good company.


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