Sale Ends September 13th. Processing & Shipping is 14-17 Days from the last day of our Sale.


Orders Placed During Black Friday through our $5 Sale: 10 oz White Jars may be used in place of our Black Jars. These will be filled to 8 ounces as stated on our label. All product orders are filled to 8 ounce (or weight on the jar label) as stated on our labels. Some product may not fill the jar completely, this is normal. When we make extra product in a batch, your jar may be over filled, as we do not want to waste product, since we do not mix batches.



I received my tracking number for my order but the carrier is saying the shipment cannot be found.

If your package just recently shipped, please allow at least one business day for the carrier to update their site with all tracking information.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?

We only offer shipping options at this time. We do not have a storefront for pick up orders.

I have a rush order. Can it be delivered Saturday?

Our delivery options are from Monday-Friday. We do offer Rush delivery for Saturday.

The tracking shows the package was delivered but I didn’t receive my package. What do I do?

Please provide us the order number and tracking number. We will file a claim with the carrier. The investigation process takes approximately eight business days. After that investigation, we will be able to provide information on how to proceed.

SHIPPING: Normal Shipping is within 5 days of receiving orders durning normal business hours. 

During large sales it can take 2-3 weeks to process orders due to the large volume of orders, and items being handmade. This only include business days, Monday - Friday. This 2 weeks would equal to 14 business days, that does not include weekends.


Do you accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, we do not have PayPal as an option at this time.

Why do I keep getting an error message, “Your credit card cannot be charged at this time?”

This message will appear for a number of reasons. We do not accept International Payment if you are using an International card. If you are using a US card, it must be a credit card. We do not accept debit cards or gift cards. If it is a US credit card, the information entered in the billing address fields must match the information on file at the bank for the card. If any information doesn’t match, the card will be declined. Another reason is your bank may be stopping your card from being charged because it doesn’t recognize this transaction as a purchase that matches your history on the card. Please contact your bank for further information.

I received the “Your credit card cannot be charged at this time” message but my card was still charged. Why?

When a purchase is made with a credit card, the funds are placed on hold through the bank. If the card is approved, the funds will clear. If the card is declined, the funds will return to your bank in 3-5 business days. If you do not see the funds in your account after that time, please contact your bank for further information.

Do you accept gift cards?

Yes, we only accept Product Junkie Naturals Gift Cards.

How can I receive a discount code for my order?

Our discounts are applied during promotions. Please follow us on our social media pages or sign up for our Newsletter for announcements on upcoming promotions.


I am trying to purchase a specific product and there is no “Add to Bag” option available, what does this mean?

Unfortunately at this time we are currently out of stock of this specific item. Please check back at a later date. We should be restocking shortly.

Where can I find your products at a store near me?

At this time our products are available locally in Jackson, Ms., or on our website.

Why is the consistency different from the product I just ordered to the one I already have?

We use natural and organic ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Due to the nature of the ingredients, the consistency and scent may differ. 

How do I make a return for a purchase I made online?

Please follow our Returns Policy provided on the website:

Sale items:

Items that are sold for deep discounts on our site may include old packaging, discontinued packaging, old labels, or mis-labeled. Some labels may not have been printed correctly. Please understand that the packaging may look different than our usual packaging.

Emails: It can take up to 72 hours for us to respond to your emails. This is especially true during sales. We answer all emails as quick as possible. 


Wholesale Orders: Minimum opening order must be $100 or more. Wholesale Orders must equal to $100 total, before shipping. Recurring wholesale orders must equal to $100, before shipping. 

Wholesale Terms:

Minimum first order: $100.00

Reorders: $100.00

Prepaid: Major Credit Card

Placing Your Order: Orders can be placed via our website, invoice, phone, or email. Whichever is easier, and more convenient for you.


Turnaround time is 2-4 weeks, or less. Orders will be shipped via insured USPS, with signature confirmation. Free Shipping on orders that total $300+ before shipping is added.


For damaged items or packages please email or call within 24 business hours of getting your package. We file claims with the shipping service.

Using Discount Codes: During sales our discount codes may be disabled. Once the sale is finished, codes will be reactivated.