Are your products tested on animals?

No, they are not.



Why are my jars not filled to the top?

Our jars are filled by weight not volume. Some settling may also occur during shipping. This is normal.

Due to supplier shortage, we were not able to receive 6 oz or 12 oz jars to complete remaining orders placed during holiday sales. We were not aware of this prior to supplier sending out our order of jars. We received 8 oz jars in place of 6oz jars, and 16-ounce jars in place of 12-ounce jars.

We opted to use these jars instead of waiting on the back-order date for the correct jars. We 

16 oz jars will contain 12-13 ounces of product.

8 oz jars will contain 6-8 ounces of product.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Why does shipping take so long? Some of our major sales are done on a pre buy basis. You place an order, and then we order the supplies to fulfill those orders. Time frame depends on suppliers shipping the material as well as us manufacturing the product, packing it, and shipping it out.

Processing and shipping can take 4-6 weeks business days only during major sales.

We know that this can lead to frustrations on waiting for your order to arrive. We are in the process of getting away from this type of business model, as it is not the best set up for our customers.


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