Soap For Hope

Product Junkie Naturals is passionate about giving back to our community. For each bar of soap sold, we will donate 15% of the proceeds to our SOAP FOR HOPE FUND. These funds will be available to our Product Junkies in need of Emergency Help.

    1. You shop: Every time you buy a bottle of our Creamy Lotion, a Bath Bomb Creamer, or Soap Bar you are strengthening economic opportunities among families in our Product Junkie Community. 
    2. We donate: 15% of Soap Sale proceeds go directly to the Soap For Hope Project. The SFHP uses donations to provide education and financial assistance to Product Junkies within our community.
    3. We Educate: We educate young girls and women within our community on making soap and starting a business selling their soap. These skills can last a lifetime, and be used to support their family. 
    4. A portion of our soaps, hair care products, and skin care products are donated to Shelters that assist Single Moms or Dads, Abused Women, or Men & Children, and Local Group Homes / Foster Families. If you would like to sponsor a local shelter or group home with a Month Supply of Soap, check out available options.
Our application for Funds will be available on November 1, 2020. Funds this year will be disbursed to families who may be unemployed due to the Pandemic, or having financial hardships.

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